Cancer Warrior Turn into Disney's Vlogger 

Growing up Anthony's dream was to be a creator of YouTube videos and create Vlogs.  He just turned 9-years old when he found out he had a very rare cancer in his Jaw.  The outlook of him living his dreams turned very slim and the odds were stacked against him.  He had to go through major surgery to remove his tumor from his jaw.  The surgery involved cutting apart his lower jaw bone in half, and then removing a bone from his lower leg and then reconstructing his jaw out of his leg bone. 

Anthony recovery is still happening and the surgery has left him with the left side of his face to not function fully.  He still wants to chase his dream of creating YouTube videos and Vlogs despite his challenges with talking and the disfunction of his face.  He believes he can create Magic just like Disney does and he wants to prove to everyone that dreams do come true.

Anthony believes everyone should chase their dreams and he is a prime example that you can overcome any obstacles.

Please, visit Anthony's Hospital Blog to see about his amazing fight with cancer. www.aKidsCancerLife.com